It’s of course no surprise at all to anyone who followed this that I’ve stopped with the bunny-breeding. I took a break from SL in the late autumn and early winter and was gone for months. All my bunnies hopped to Bunnybury as their generations ran out, all except Latte. The elder lady is still fine and hopping about sniffing new textures and ear-wiggle-commenting on sculptie shapes.

I’m not sure what I’ll do when she one year manages to nibble her way through all the stockpiled food, but guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I still keep an eye on Ozimals development and chat and I must admit that the idea of breeding airplane-eared black magpie harlequins makes me twitch… the ultimate rogue rabbits and airship pirates, zooming around in the skies with goggles on… *sighs* But for now, consider this blog officially on very long hiatus.

Latte wishes you all buntastic time with your bunnies!

More loot!

Aww, my rogue rabbits continue making me proud. They won the second prize in the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest, in the Bunny and Me category. ^_^

This is the winning pose, I’m obviously bunned and dangerous. We’re all very matching in the black-and-white stripes~

Here’s the exclusive light blue katat0nik dress I won, and the hat from Jolly Farms, mask from Frippery that I’m wearing as a necklace and the special Risusipo bunny with the trophy. There was also a house of my choice from Houses for You, but after we pruned some land and prims I couldn’t rez it for the photoshoot. Was a cute fairy house, though. ^_^

And yes, they look practically angelic when they’re sleeping, don’t they? I’m obviously doing the whole ‘proud mommy’ look there. *grins* They fell asleep just as I was ready to take pictures and then I figured they were so cute sleeping that I let them.

The Japanese Ozimals community arranged a Natsu Matsuri — summer festival. There’s adorable bunny props for sale all over, as well as special Japanese food for the bunnies. Normal Ozimal foods in all the usual levels, just looking different. They’re priced normal and once empty will stay as cute props. My bunnies loved them! They wanted to do a Usagi Yojimbo cosplay, silly things. Here’s Tiramisu meditating upon the food. “Nommm… nommm….”

They also organized a photo contest about bunnies and how much fun your life is with them! I looked at my rogue rabbits. They wiggled their ears at me. And then we went on an adventure!

They’ve inherited their mother’s love for goggles. And wonderland cake. <.< so of course we went on a balloon ride and pretended to be steampunk airship pirates. I arranged a lot of shiny gears and noms for them to find and had coffee from the shiny steampunk espresso machine, as is proper and fitting.

After we landed, the lil rascals said they wanted to try the more sea-related piracy next! That’s what you get when you have rogue rabbits, yesyes. So off we went to plunder, rob and raid for noms and shinies! This is when I started to notice Curacao’s penchant for shinies. Raki was more about the adventure itself, a dashing bun-caneer, but Curacao wanted everything nifty and interesting and shiny. Loot!

I sent both pictures to the contest (you could send two), edited one more than the other since I wasn’t sure how natural they wanted the pictures to be. Today when I logged on I had an IM from Dorothy, inviting me to the prize ceremony — two hours ago. *sighs* I popped over anyways and she showed up soon enough to congratulate me on winning the Aeron Prize!

The rogue rabbits are greatly pleased — and so am I! Thank you, thank you~ *curtsies, the bunnies flick ears in an attempt of a ear-maneuvered flair curtsey*

Now if I could just make them make more rogue rabbits instead of black otters…

First Mutant!

Sambuca’s lil rogue rabbits grew up and nestled. I was rather surprised at the result…

Two jailbunnies made a black otter! Well, that at least clarified which fur their daddy is hiding! That also confirmed that Curacao and Raki’s nests will have 50% of being jailbunnies and either 50% chance of being a black otter, or 25% chance of black otter and 25% of english spot tortoiseshell. The eyes were interesting and obviously they’re Raki’s hidden, as well as their daddy’s. What with Curacao having their daddy’s visible sapphire pretties~

Now, the real surprise of course was that when I kindled the baby she hopped out of the nest with a white, fluffy tail!

Even the birdies were boggling! Such a cute little white tail against the black fur. ^_^

I’m going to be a determined bunny snuggler and try and sell her. I’m hoping for a jailbunny ear/tail/paw mutant eventually and preferably without pink eyes. But boy is it -difficult-. I mean… just watching that fluffy white tail wiggle and hop. *twitches*

Yes, it is that time already. Sambuca turned to Elder of Euphoria and said that it was time for her to hop into the Bunnybury train. She left behind jailbunlings and their father — Aleks plans to let Brulee become and stay an elder.  ^_^

Before she left, she took the lil rogue rabbits behind a tree to give them some motherly advice. “Go for the noms first, shinies later. Learn to run fast. If you run out of noms, wibble at the human girl all cute and pitiful like and hop against her legs for a while. If the snobby French-bun gets on your nerves, take a bath in her water bowl, then hide behind your father.”

I dressed as the trainer once more and we went to Bunnybury together. The rogue rabbits do steal your heart so very easily, after all. And more than hearts — if I didn’t escort her, I’m sure half our noms and all the shinies from the neighborhood would have mysteriously vanished before she ever reached Bunnybury. <.<

We took a moment to sightsee — it is very peaceful in there. I do wonder if the bunnies will come out of the hiding at some later point…

A lot of fun grass to hop through and hide in, trees and sparkly lights… it’s a good place even for the rogue rabbits to hide in. *grins*

Bunny Dreams~

~Hush, lil bunling, don’t flick an ear
Mama’s gonna buy you a nommy pear~

The song started when someone in the Ozimals chat mentioned that their bunnies were at 0% energy and refusing to fall asleep. Of course I had to make a little bunny lullaby for the insomnibuns. And then I saw this adorable sight, and well… Tiramisu needed an introduction anyways, so… here! The latest little warren member. And see, she already knows what she’s going to do in a week. She’s going to grow up to nuzzle handsome silver martens! That should teach Red and her cloning jokes. <.<

I found her on a market, sleeping on a pillow, age 0! I’ve wanted one of these vanilla-choco harlequins for ages, and after I realized that she had turquoise eyes and hotot and himalayan blue parents… well, she was all the logical possibly-able-to-sell reasons packed in the cute chubby stripes that I so adore! Of course I brought her home. <.<

Bringing one home of course meant sending one away… Kahwah had stuck around a little while even when Nougat and Taffy left with the baby bunnies, but now I sent her on her way, still happily sleeping. She’s going to wake up in Bunnybury and hopefully find Taffy to help her with babysitting that little bunling circus.

Next in order: kindling Sambuca and Brulee’s babies and hoping for a sibling jailbunny couple. o.o

In case I haven’t mentioned this before, my grand plan for my tiny warren is to have a jailbunny sibling couple for possible mutants and then a new warrens couple for possibly producing something for sale every now and then. (Although yegads is Red Velvet busy ruining my plans and laughing with every lil mini red rex she produces, geez.) And one elder. Latte, of course. All the other bunnies are happy with other bunnies, in a warren. I think I’m sort of a vague bun-goddess to them, the Bringer of Noms, the Scritcher of Heads, strange shapeshifting, comfort-smelling non-bunny-shaped being. But Latte, Latte grew up without other bunnies around. She basically thinks she’s one of us girls. I can’t send her to live with other bunnies to a place with no fashion and girly things! And so when she made her last nest (with Espresso for nostalgy reasons, of course) she turned into an Elder of Refreshment. I laughed. Of course she did. Bet she’s fussing over the rest of the warren so much that they diet out of obedience.

However, this also meant that it was time for Espresso to go and introduce their babies to the Bunny King. I admit, this parting was the most difficult one of them all so far. Espresso was my second bunny, the gothic gentleman bun. *sighs*

I had kept four of his and Latte’s babies just for this occasion. I always feel better about sending baby bunnies to the King if I send an adult bunny with them to take care of them.

Here’s Latte saying goodbye. Checking that the babies’ ears are clean and that Espresso’s bowtie is straight, yesyes. Must be representable when introduced to the King!

Latte seemed very confused when they were gone, although of course she wouldn’t admit such things! We went lucky chair stalking afterwards for the lovely distraction value it offers. <.<

Bunwagon Away~

Taffy and Nougat thanked me by making a silky version of Taffy. How adorable is that? ^_^

After offering me the nest they were ready to continue their journey. In fact they offered to help us with a little problem in the process.

All the little bunlings we couldn’t afford to keep and weren’t selling were thus loaded into a big cart wagon thing! Makes it easier for the elder couple to escort them to the Bunny King safely.

Judging from the look in Taffy’s eyes, the 24 babies are going to get to meet the King briefly and then go home with her. I’m sensing a giant adoption program. Good thing they’re experienced parents! Wouldn’t wanna be the one having to count where everyone is in the evening!

I mean… just look at that lil Toddy’s boy on top of the wheel! Pure trouble. And one of Frappe’s harley boys is about to hop off the wagon! His one soot-covered aphotic white offspring hopped into the bunpool immediately.

I cannot even imagine the amount of ‘are we there yet?’ questions that Taffy and Nougat had to endure while trying to keep everyone on the wagon instead of hopping off to explore, but eventually they all arrived safely ^_^

Our little warren got surprising visitors: bun-pilgrims on their way to Bunnybury! Tired and skittish, they saw the magic garden sparkles and hopped closer to inspect. Espresso was — as usual — the one familiar with manners and etiquette and welcomed the exhausted trio to rest and recuperate.

They did not want to tell their names, said they were on a pilgrimage for a good reason. I reassured them that old names were hardly necessary and that they weren’t the first buns to come and hide in our garden for a while. I called the couple bordering their elder years Taffy and Nougat. The young chinchilla had such beautiful dark hazel eyes that I named her Kahwah after green tea.

Kahwah hopped immediately into what she thought was a bunpool. (Look at the shocked expression on Au Lait’s face!) Taffy and Nougat were happy just to rest and nom strawberries. I petted them all in turns until they settled down and began flopping to relaxed bunsleep in the garden. And today when they woke up, Taffy began rearranging the flowers into a decorative nestling area. Seems she wants to leave her very last baby with us before continuing their journey. ^_^

…fine, fine, the title is a fail of an attempt to put two titles in one. Here’s the first part, the Bunny Bandit!

Yes, Rooibos got tired of all the magical sparkles and happy bird-tweeting and Toddy sabotaging his metal-music-player.  “Stupid old magic grove,” muttered the rebel bun. “Nothing fun and exciting happens here! Ever!” He sulked like an angry teenager for a moment, then flicked his ear at the cottage — perhaps as a protest, perhaps as a ‘bye and thanks for all the noms’ and then hopped away into the sunset. The last we saw of him was with a considerable chunk of our nom storage packed with him, vanishing in the direction of Bunnybury.

Kahlua didn’t vanish into the night, she wanted a proper party before going… This picture would be the “Hot Lawn, Summer in the Bury” titled one. ^_^

Yes, Kahlua nestled all the five times she had left and then told me that she’s going to leave all this fuss about babies to the youngbuns and she wants to retire now! I arranged a little preview for her about her future life in Bunnybury and she approved muchly. Then she hopped in her relaxed manner to Bunnybury, to relax under a parasol, sip carrot juice, nom strawberries and oggle handsome young beachbunstuds. ^_^

I know there’s now been two posts about Bunnybury in a row, but… now that it is active we are in a middle of re-arrangement of our little warren. More of our warren will still go, some new ones will appear and babies will be kindled! I also just today brought home three visitors that I saved from a sad collection of unwanted bunnies outside a barn. ;_; They’re just visiting briefly, but I couldn’t resist bringing them home for even a little while.